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Billy Balls and Succulents Boquuet

CRASPEDIA Perhaps it is the combination of its spherical shape and the color yellow (but I discovered that there is also in white, green and red), the Craspedia a flower that brings joy, it is undeniable! It is available in the summer and fall and …

Protea Bridal Boquet

PROTEA I am happy to see this beautiful tropical flower increasingly! There are several varieties, in many forms and colors and flowers is one of the oldest existing (300 million years). Perfect for the bride looking for something different, it only takes one to a …

Wine Colored Bridal Bouquets

Amazing wine red colored wedding bouquets that are perfect for the daring bride! Loving the depth and texture of the combination of these bouquets featuring red roses, dahlias, peonies, calla lilies, ranunculas and more! Source:,,,

Billy Balls and Chamonmile Bouquet

A flower that is conquering more and more brides because it is abundant, simple and recalls the crown of daisies we did as children. A touch of yellow then puts more fun! You can find them from summer to early fall. That is the Chamomile …
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