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Rustic in Red Bridal Bouquet

Rustic in Red Bridal Bouquet, stunning flowers in a variety of red hues, from bright red to burgundy and accents in dark purple. From KRISTEL + CHRISTIAN: AN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE via Whitemag

24 Red Roses Bouquet Ideas You’ll Love

24 gorgeous red roses bouquet ideas for the bride that you won’t be able to get enough of! Red Roses Meaning Red roses are a universal symbol for love and passion. The red rose is the queen of all roses, a symbol of beauty, deep …

Red Roses Bouquet with Striped Ribbon

Striking contrast and color pop of a red bouquet! Loving this floral combination and hints of accents used by @flowersbycina, especially the striped ribbon tie in black and white. A bouquet mainly made up of red roses and a few burgundy calla lilies. #flowersbycina #floraldesign …