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lavender Roses and Dahlias Bridal Bouquet

I’m biased, I admit, because I fell in love dahlias soon as I knew that I had in my bouquet. But how to remain indifferent to this flower? It is located in the summer and early autumn, in different colors and different variants – my …

Chamomile Flowers Bridal Bouquet

Chamomile Flowers Bridal Bouquet! This very pretty bouquet made up of little Chamomile Flowers looks vintage and delicate combined with lace gloves and pearls! via

White Roses Diamantes and Blue Feathers Bouquet

eathers are a HUGE trend in the wedding industry right now. (And if you’re a bride you know that because you’ll see them EVERYWHERE.) It all started with ostrich feathers a few years ago – and now it’s any color, any kind goes! 🙂 Ostrich …
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