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Lavender Herb

A lavender bouquet will not only look amazing, it will also smell divine! Lavender also dries really well so you can keep this bouquet for a long time! Photo by Elizabeth Messina.

Lovely Lilac Bouquet

Stunning lilac bouquet: Varied lengths of wisteria, lilac, and cotton-candy-color rayon trim trailing from this bouquet hint at the sweet blossoms tied together at the other end. The elegant combination displays lavender double tulips, ‘Bluebird’ roses, pink godetia, and lavender dendrobium orchids, with catmint and …

Buttons and Brooches Bouquets

Looking for a completely unique bouquet idea for your wedding! Instead of going the traditional flower route why not try buttons or brooches?! Following are some inspiring button and brooches bouquets! Gorgeous button bouquets created by Button My Bouquet: Gorgeous vintage mother of pearls bridal bouquet from lilfishstudios: …