White Roses Diamantes and Blue Feathers Bouquet

eathers are a HUGE trend in the wedding industry right now. (And if you’re a bride you know that because you’ll see them EVERYWHERE.) It all started with ostrich feathers a few years ago – and now it’s any color, any kind goes! 🙂

Ostrich feathers are still very popular, but now you’ll notice brides leaning more and more towards incorporating them for color as much as texture. This bridal that went out last week is a great example – cream roses with just a splash of turquoise feathers for color (and sparklies! all the sparklies!). We love it.

Even pheasant feathers are getting in on the act with the ever-popular “rustic chic” or “rustic elegance” look that you’ll also be seeing a lot of now. There are so many types of feathers out there – don’t be afraid to pull them into your look for an extra touch of style!

White Roses Diamantes and Blue Feathers Bouquet



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