Blue Flowers for a Wedding

Blue flowers for a wedding that you need to consider and are easy to find are the blue hydrangea, scabiosas, muscari and delphiniums! Blue flower meanings include; intrigue, desire, hope, openness, inspiration, intimacy and deep trust.

Blue Flowers for a Wedding

Blue Hydrangea Bouquets

The first is the blue hydrangea. A very popular and low cost flower that is absolutely beautiful and come in many hues of blue from the palest pastel blues to deeper more vibrant blues. Hydrangea meaning includes abundance, prosperity, honest emotions and gratitude.

Blue hydrangea bouquets

Blue Scabiosa Bouquets

Scabiosa meaning – also known as pincushion flower, Scabious and Egyptian Bride. However, it’s meaning isn’t very romantic with the name Scabiosa coming from the Latin word scabies, meaning “the itch” because it was once thought to be a remedy for the named skin disease. Romantically it could be taken to mean that your betrothed is the only one who can scratch your itch!

Blue bouquets that include the beautiful blue scabiosa flower! The firsts bouquet has blue hydrangea, a mixture of succulents and purple scabiosa through out. It’s been finished with some burlap and a lace ribbon detail via Tara McHugh Flora. The second bouquet features Wedding Bouquet of peonies, scabiosa, sweet peas and lilac by Salt Harbor Designs. The third bouquet features Ocean song roses, blue Scabiosa, Agapanthus, Hydrangea, Lavender and is from Lois Keane Flowers.
Blue Scabiosa Bouquets

Muscari Wedding Bouquets

Muscari Meaning – sincerity. Stunning vivid blue urn shaped flower bunches that are true eye candy!
Muscari Wedding Bouquets

Delphinium Wedding Bouquets

Delphinium meaning: achieving, new opportunities, openness to new experiences and feelings romantically and the celebration of positive things. When deciding on blue flowers for a wedding the delphinium with its vivid blue flowers is a popular choice!
Delphinium blue flowers for a wedding

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Other blue flowers you can include in your wedding bouquets include Forget-me-nots, Morning Glories, Iris, Bachelor’s Buttons, Lotus Flower, Petunias, blue Orchids and Asters.

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